What is L3V3L?

Imagine a friendly meeting place where talented individuals from all corners of the globe can connect with top-notch brands and their job openings. That's L3V3L for you! It's like a smart matchmaker in the world of work.

Think of L3V3L as your personal job-finding buddy. It uses some pretty clever artificial intelligence to match your skills with the perfect job opportunities out there. No more endless scrolling through job listings or piles of resumes. With L3V3L, finding the right fit is easy and fun!

Whether you're a whiz at coding, a marketing maestro, or a sales superstar, L3V3L is here to link you up with jobs that really suit you. And for companies, it's like having a magic wand to find the ideal candidates.

It's all about connecting great people with great jobs in the simplest, smartest way possible.

What is the story behind the name 'L3V3L'?

The name ‘L3V3L’ is more than just a quirky spelling – it’s a nod to the innovative and exclusive spirit of ‘leet’ or ‘1337’ code from the early days of the internet. Just like ‘leet’ code mixed letters with numbers for a unique form of communication, ‘L3V3L’ blends technology and creativity to revolutionize job matching. In ‘leet’ code, the blend of characters was a way to identify insiders and experts, much like ‘L3V3L’ identifies top talent and the best job opportunities. This platform isn’t your typical job board; it’s like an exclusive club for skilled individuals and leading companies. It uses intelligent matching – a bit like decoding – to connect the right people with the right roles, ensuring a great fit.

So, ‘L3V3L’ isn’t just a catchy name. It represents our approach: innovative, elite, and perfectly tailored to the needs of modern job seekers and employers. It’s about taking job matching to the next level, making it smarter, faster, and more precise – much like the clever communication of ‘leet’ code back in its day.

What are the advantages of Skill-Based hiring using the L3V3L platform?

Skill-based hiring on the L3V3L platform offers a range of benefits, reshaping how organizations approach talent acquisition. Here's how:

Global Talent Access: Access a world of talent by focusing on skills, and breaking free from geographical and conventional barriers.

Empowering Diversity: Boost workforce diversity by tapping into a vast array of skills and backgrounds from around the globe.

Increased Retention: Enhance employee loyalty and reduce turnover by aligning roles closely with individual skills.

Cost and Time Efficiency: Save on recruitment costs and time by zeroing in on essential skills from the outset.

Higher Candidate Satisfaction: Allow candidates to showcase their true abilities, leading to greater engagement and job satisfaction.

Reduced Mis-Hire Risks: Decrease the likelihood of mis-hires by accurately matching skills with job requirements."

Discover how the L3V3L platform can transform your hiring process by focusing on the skills that truly matter. Learn more or get started today!

What are the costs associated with using L3V3L?

Great news! As of now, using L3V3L is completely free of charge. This means both candidates creating profiles and companies posting job listings can enjoy our platform's features without any cost. We're in the early stages of developing L3V3L and are excited to offer our services complimentary as we grow and evolve. We're committed to providing exceptional value, and as L3V3L expands, we'll keep you updated on any changes to our pricing structure. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience L3V3L’s innovative platform!

What is BeyondGravity?

With a small core team, BeyondGravity owns and built the L3V3L application. Its founding members work closely with the product and early adopters.

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